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We're digging these photos from OWL readers. THEY'VE GOT THE DIRT! Mail Bag NewsFeed NewsFeed PHOTO: DREAMSTIME (SEA OTTERS) Whiskered Wonders September 20–26 is Sea Otter Awareness Week. Celebrate with these fun facts! Dear OWL, My favourite meal is Beyond Meat burgers and fries. I love building Lego creations and writing stories. My favourite animal is the peacock because it's so colourful. I think OWL magazine is amazing. I love all the quizzes, games, and stories! —Emily Dear Emily, You have great taste in food (and magazines)! Send us photos of your Lego creations one day, okay? We'd love to see them! —Melissa, editor Dear OWL, My name is pronounced "a-tin-uh-fey." I'm 11 but look 12 because I have tall genes. My favourite hobby is making macramé bracelets. — Atinufe Dear Atinufe, Thanks for letting us know how to pronounce your name! It's important that we get it right. Growing up, people often said I looked younger than my age (I have short genes). Your bracelets sound really cool. Maybe we'll include a macramé craft in OWL sometime. Thanks for writing in! —Melissa, editor 1 Sea otters can live their entire lives without leaving the water. 2 They keep it clean! Dirty fur can't absorb the air needed to keep sea otters warm. 3 Sea otters hold paws while snoozing so they don't drift apart in the water. 4 Sea otter groups, called rafts, can have 10 to 1,000 members. Great Garden Jacob shows off his potted plants. Big Bug Emily found a slug the size of her hand! 4 OWL September 2020 4 PHOTO DREAMSTIME (SEA OTTERS) Mail Bag owl@owlkids.com Do you have cool photos to share? Send them to: You may see them in an upcoming issue! NewsFeed NewsFeed

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