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OWL: What was your very fi rst job? RYAN: Delivering the local newspaper. I did this from age 7 until 14, at which point I got my fi rst "real" job, working part time at Wendy's while I was in high school. OWL: How did you get into game and app development? RYAN: I started my career in early 2007, working at a software company called Marketcircle. At the time, the company was focused on making software for the Mac. Shortly after I started working there, the very fi rst iPhone was announced—and so began my journey to where I am today! I was at Marketcircle for fi ve years as the company began to bring its products to iPhone and iPad, and I learned a ton along the way. OWL: Congrats on the Apple Design Award for Alto's Odyssey! What do you think makes this game so special? RYAN: Thanks so much! When we set out to make Alto's Odyssey, we weren't trying to create just a game—we were trying to capture a feeling. I'm not sure if that comes through for everyone, but I feel like we were able to tell this story of venturing outside of your comfort zone and exploring new faraway destinations. OWL: What other apps or games do you love? RYAN: I'd really recommend checking out Hidden Folks. It's such a fun and cute game that people of all ages will enjoy. OWL: What is the most challenging part of your job? And the most rewarding? RYAN: The most challenging part is managing my workload alongside the task of running a company. The most rewarding part is getting to work with incredibly talented people on such interesting and creative projects. Every day I learn something new! OWL: Best advice you've ever received? RYAN: It was something my co-founder, Jordan, taught me. He said that to succeed in business, ideas aren't everything. Ideas are important, but execution is far more important. You have to just try and try and try, and often fail many times in the process. It's more important to do something than to sit there and think about things for too long. FAST FACTS Snowman's most recent mobile game, Alto's Odyssey, won a 2018 Apple Design Award. Congrats! AWARD WINNER Ryan says there's no "secret sauce" to creating an award- winning app! But hard work, creativity, and dedication are key. THE SECRET SAUCE He tries to get inspired by things out in the real world. Most of his infl uences come from travel, fi lm, and art. IT'S AN ART Ryan gets to make apps and games for a living! Lucky, right? 26 OWL September 2018 TEXT: KENDRA BROWN PHOTOS AND ARTWORK COURTESY OF SNOWMAN COOL job owl@owlkids.com ARE THERE ANY COOL JOBS YOU'D LIKE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT? TELL US AT Growing up, Ryan Cash wanted to be many things—a professional skateboarder, an NBA player, an actor, and a lawyer. Now as an adult, he is the CEO and co-founder of Snowman, an independent game studio based in Toronto, Ontario. Awesome! MOBILE Game Developer MEET A

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